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You are the eponymous Bernie, on a Journey to record the best songs in order to sell them on your dodgy market stall.

In the first level you've arrived at the venue, but have a couple of minutes to kill until the doors open. During this time you can:

Hand out flyers to other gig-goers using RMB! Avoid getting cornered by ticket touts - Slap them with LMB! Mash LMB/RMB to escape if they get you! Don't accidentally slap the other gig-goers!

In the second level you're in the gig and the band has started playing. Stand by an active speaker and use LMB to start filling up your recording bar!

This will alert the guards, make sure they don't spot you! If you get seen by a guard your score will go down, and if they spot you recording then that speaker will be deactivated! If a guard gets near you he will drain your recording bar!

Once your recording bar is full you need to avoid the guard's attention for a little while longer, then make your escape!

You lose if: All the speakers get turned off, you run out of time, or the guards take all your recordings!


Install instructions

Unpack the zip and run the file


BBAMJ.zip 42 MB

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